No Suspect In Friday Morning Vehicle Theft, Crash

Jul 22, 2013

Adam Kane of Dillingham says his liability insurance won't cover his vehicle stolen early Friday morning and crashed on Kanakanak Road.

Total loss; Dillingham resident Adam Kane won't be reimbursed after someone stole and crashed his Toyota SUV Friday morning.
Credit Ben Matheson, KDLG

DILLINGHAM:  A Toyota 4Runner was stolen out of the yard of a Dillingham resident early last Friday morning. As is common practice, the keys had been left inside with the doors unlocked.

Witnesses say the white SUV was driven fast and recklessly down Kanakanak Road before smashing into a concrete barrier in the road construction zone. The vehicle flipped and ended upside down in the ditch. The driver, presumed to also be the thief, kicked his way out of the truck and ran off into the tundra just before Dillingham Police arrived. 

KDLG’s Dave Bendinger has more: