No herring spotted on ADF&G first survey of Togiak District Monday

Apr 18, 2017

Some shore ice still around the district, and surface temps still at zero. Fish and Game flew Monday to look around, playing it careful after last year's record early arrival.

Shore ice in the Togiak District as recorded by Fish and Game Monday.

KDLG: An estimated 131,000 tons of herring are bound soon for the shores around Togiak, but they are not here yet. The Department of Fish and Game flew its first survey Monday, reporting back that no herring were spotted.

Last year the fishery started record early, with spawning herring spotted on April 14.

Some whales were observed Monday, but there were no sea lions and only a few birds, which often indicate the presence of herring beneath the surface. ADF&G says there is still shore ice across the head of Togiak Bay and behind Tongue Point, and that the most recent sea surface temperature map shows zero degree water in the Togiak District.

In its press release, ADF&G wrote that on the grounds water temperature and observations are appreciated, for any mariners out on those waters.

ADF&G is predicting this year’s fishery will start around the first week of May, but is closely watching sea ice and surface temperatures for rapid changes that could prompt an earlier inshore run. or 907.842.5281

Sea surface temperatures recorded by NWS on April 17. The 2 degree mark has moved up the Peninsula since last week, but NWS is still recording 0 degrees around the Togiak district.
Credit NWS

Picture of Togiak District waters and shore ice taken by Fish and Game Monday.
Credit ADF&G

The most recent sea ice analysis, posted Monday, shows a consistent lessening around the Bristol Bay coast from last week.
Credit NWS