New Stuyahok teen escapes custody twice, says AST

Oct 10, 2017

Dawson Andrew, 18, allegedly escaped Sunday night after being let out to smoke, and again Monday by kicking his way out of a cell door. Troopers are helping look for Andrew, and investigating the lapses in jail procedure.

18-year-old Dawson Andrew escaped custody twice after an arrest on domestic violence assault charges, say troopers.
Credit courtesy Alaska State Troopers

A New Stuyahok man was back out on the lam Tuesday after escaping a second time from the village lock-up.  

State troopers from Dillingham responded to help look for 18-year-old Dawson Andrew, who allegedly forced his way out of his cell Monday while the guard or guards were not keeping a close eye.

On Sunday, after his initial arrest, Andrew escaped after a guard let him out to smoke a cigarette.

Village police found Andrew Monday morning after his first escape, but as of Tuesday afternoon the young man was still at-large.

Andrew was arrested Sunday on charges of domestic violence assault. 

State troopers say they are also now looking into whether the jail staff should be reprimanded or face charges for the lapses in security. or 907.842.5281