New advocacy group for Bristol Bay commercial fishermen founded this month

Apr 24, 2017

Sustaining Bristol Bay Fisheries aims to keep those who fish in Bristol Bay informed and politically active in issues related to fishery sustainability.

Credit Eric Marxmiller

A new advocacy group for Bristol Bay Fishermen formed in mid-March. Sustaining Bristol Bay Fisheries began accepting members last week.

The group has attracted over 80 members so far. Kristina Andrew is SBBF’s director. She says that the organization aims to provide a voice for those who fish Bristol Bay’s waters regardless of where they live year-round. Speaking out against the proposed Pebble Mine is top among the group’s priorities.

“We just want to advocate for the protection of the fishery. We’ve had a fishery that’s been sustainable for over a hundred years. We want to see it continue on,” says Andrew. “Right now we see a need to advocate against the Pebble Mine.”

Andrew says that SBBF’s role will be to keep commercial fishermen informed and in touch with state and federal legislators about issues that could impact fishery sustainability.  

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