Nearly 8,000 Tons of Herring Harvested out of the Togiak District

May 14, 2013

Fishermen participating in the annual Togiak Sac Roe Herring Fishery have hauled in nearly 8-thousand tons of herring during the first 3 days of fishing.

On Monday the purse seine fleet made 18 deliveries with a harvest of just over 2-thousand tons. The herring harvested on Monday by the purse seine fleet had a roe percentage of 9.6-percent. Monday's purse seine harvest puts the total harvest for that gear group at 6.6-thousand tons. They are working with a quota of just over 21-thousand tons.

The herring harvest by the gillnet fleet picked up Monday with 94-deliveries and a harvest of 920-tons. The roe percentage was 11.2-percent. So far the gillnetters have harvested 1.2-thousand tons of herring out of a quota of just over 9-thousand tons.   

Herring Tenders waiting for the start of the Togiak Sac Roe Herring Fishery.
Credit Thorey Munro