Naknek's newest gas station brings lower prices to happy customers

Jun 13, 2016

Offering $4.79 a gallon, the Bristol Bay Express filled tanks for more than 70 customers on its first day, and gas prices at the other two competitors dropped soon after.

One of the last customers of the day said she was happy to fill up at the lower prices and enjoyed the good service at the new Bristol Bay Express station at Leader Creek in Naknek.
Credit KDLG

KDLG: Naknek’s newest gas station, Bristol Bay Express, opened to eager customers Sunday, offering gas almost two dollars cheaper than its competitors. Located at a new boat yard by Leader Creek, the yard and the new gas offering are owned by Dave Lax.

“It went very well, we had about 77 customers," said Bugs Hansen, who works for Lax and was on hand for day one. "Real good attitudes, people are happy, you know we’re actually seeing a little difference for the community. There’s a guy here that wants to make a difference, and it’s happening.”

Bristol Bay Express was selling gas at $4.79 a gallon Sunday. Gas at other stations was selling for $6.64  in King Salmon and $6.18 in Naknek. Hansen said Naknek residents have languished under those high prices even though the rates have been dropping elsewhere.

“We’re probably close to the highest in the state of Alaska right now. I know Dillingham’s a lot cheaper, South Naknek’s a lot cheaper. I don’t know why we’re still where we’re at. $6.18 a gallon, killing us.”

Adding up the till at the end of the day. Bristol Bay Express is housed in a trailer at a new boat yard near Leader Creek, and offers some snacks along side the cheaper gas.
Credit KDLG

By Monday, gas in King Salmon had lowered to $5.77 and in Naknek to $5.68. Bristol Bay Express still had the lowest by close to a dollar. Will $4.79 just be an introductory rate?

“I’m sure that’s what we could hold for a while here," said Hansen. "The owner of the ship here, Dave Lax, you know he’s all about helping out the community. He wants to make money of course, but I’m sure it’s just showing a little appreciation too. There’s a lot of good people here, he’s got this new boat yard, things are really starting to look positive for all aspects of this.”

The Bristol Bay Express is open from 6 a.m. till 10 p.m., and staff say they hope to add a credit card machine soon to offer gas sales 24/7.

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