Memorial errected to commemorate Lil' Larry Road in Dillingham

Sep 11, 2017

Larry Nunn Jr. died in a 2010 construction accident, building a road from HUD housing to downtown Dillingham. Family and friends dedicated a memorial to Nunn this weekend.

Robert Scott, pastor of Dillingham Bible Fellowship, read a passage from the Bible at the dedication of the memorial to Larry Nunn Jr.
Credit Avery Lill/ KDLG

A crowd of about 50 gathered Sunday near the Dillingham Senior Center for the unveiling of a plaque, dedicating Lil’ Larry Road. to Larry Nunn Jr. Nunn died in a construction accident building the street nearly seven years ago.

The plaque reads, “In 2010, many shed blood, sweat, and tears to give us a safe road to travel. One man lost his life. May he watch over each of us. This road is dedicated in loving memory to the worker who lost his life building this road.”

Kortney LaNeah, Nunn's sister spoke at the dedication of the plaque.
Credit Avery Lill/ KDLG

Those who spoke at the dedication remembered Nunn’s energy, friendship and care for his two daughters.

“My brother was a good man taken too young. He had touched the hearts of many. Even though he is gone, he is not forgotten. His memory lives on in this dedication to him as well as through those who knew him,” said his sister, Kortney LaNeah.

Dinah Backford was one of the community members in attendance.

“I’m so thankful that Dillingham is a tight-knit community and that we can all gather together like this and support each other. That’s so important,” Backford said, with a hand on the shoulder of Nunn’s father, Larry Nunn Sr.

Lil’ Larry Road, which connects HUD housing to downtown Dillingham, was a significant safety improvement on the old roads to HUD.

Credit Avery Lill/ KDLG