Manokotak man arrested after crashing snow machine into house

Jan 16, 2017

Jeffrey George, 25, facing felony assault, reckless driving charges after allegedly striking a woman with a metal rod, crashing snow machine into a house, following a day of drinking, says AST.

KDLG:  Jeffrey George, 25, of Manokotak was arrested Saturday following destructive behaviors that had alarmed and injured family and neighbors.

According to a state trooper who flew over from Dillingham to investigate, authorities had been called by several people who had encountered the allegedly intoxicated young man Saturday.

Family members reported he was drinking and driving and threatening others with a hammer. A neighbor reported George had crashed his snow machine into his house and caused damage, and another man said George had wrecked into his snow machine, also causing damage. State troopers say George also struck a young woman with a metal rod, an axle, sending her to the clinic for examination.

George hid briefly but was found and taken into custody.

Based on the investigation, George was charged with one count of reckless driving, one count of third degree assault, and two counts of criminal mischief. The state trooper wrote in his sworn affidavit that when questioned, George admitted he "had been drinking all day."