Man Charged With Sexually Abusing A 15-Year Old in Dillingham

Jul 26, 2013

Caleb Brown, 21, is being charged with third degree sexual abuse of a minor for allegedly touching a 15-year old through her clothes while she was sleeping.

DILLINGHAM:  Caleb Brown, 21, of Dillingham is under arrest and being charged with third degree sexual assault of a minor, a felony offense. Dillingham police alledge the incident occurred in late March of this year.

According to the police report, Brown was staying with his girlfriend at the Bingman Apartments in Dillingham. The two were sleeping on the floor. The girlfriend's younger sister was sleeping on the couch nearby. She reported waking to find Brown rubbing on her genital area from outside her clothing.

She got up and yelled at Brown, who apologized.

The next morning the victim's mother took her to the Police Department to report the sexual assault.

The police spoke with Brown this week, and according to their report he stated he wouldn't have done it had he not been drunk at the time, and that he had immediately apologized to the victim.

Brown has no criminal history in Alaska. On Thursday in court, the prosecutor asked that Brown be held on $5,000 bail, and only be released to a third-party custodian if he posts bail. The magistrate agreed to those terms.

Third degree sexual assault of a minor is a class C felony and carries a maximum penalty of five years in jail and a $50,000 fine.