Inmate Smashed Jail Window With Trashcan

Jul 26, 2013

Josephine Joann Paul, 21, is being charged with felony criminal mischief for smashing out a window while sobering up in jail Wednesday night.

DILLINGHAM:  Josephine Joann Paul, 21, is charged with felony criminal mischief for allegedly using a trash can to smash out a window from inside the Dillingham jail.

According to police documents, Paul was taken to jail for protective custody late Wednesday night, and was put in the dayroom area because all of the holding tank cells were full of men.

Apparently the twenty-one-year-old found protective custody a less than agreeable way to finish the evening.

In lockup less than fifteen minutes, she grabbed a trash can and attempted to smash her way out through a large glass window that made up the majority of the cell door in the dayroom.

Her efforts to smash out the window were successful, but she never left the premises. The on-duty jail guard called other police officers over for backup, and she was subdued.

Police said Paul caused more than $500 in damage, which boosts the mischief charge to a felony.