Icicle's Lew on the run to come

Jul 13, 2016

Warner Lew joined preseason to discuss predictions on the 2016 timing, and sat down again July 12 to offer an update.

Icicle Seafoods' Bristol Bay fleet manager Warner Lew.
Credit KDLG

Warner Lew started his Bristol Bay sockeye career doing research with UW-FRI in 1970's, commercially fished in the 1980's, did a brief stint with ADF&G, and has now been with Icicle Seafoods for the past two decades. Aside from managing Icicle's fleet of Bristol Bay fishing boats and tenders, he's a man who loves analyzing the run as the numbers come in, and lampooning anybody and everybody with his infamous blue pen cartoon sketches. Last year he was one of a few who held out that 2015 would show up big but late, and this year he said he was predicting something similar. KDLG's Dave Bendinger joined him at the Dillingham office Tuesday for to see if those predictions have changed.

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