Households in New Stuyahok dealing with low and no water pressure

Jun 28, 2017

The city began receiving reports of problems with water pressure on Friday. Water in the storage tanks is low, but New Stuyahok anticipates that the tanks will refill in the next few days and pressure will be restored.

The village of New Stuyahok is experiencing difficulties with its water system. Since Friday, about 10 people have reported that their homes have low water pressure or no water at all.

“The water is low at the storage tanks,” says city administrator Jerry Walcott. “It needs to fill up enough to get pressure needed to get to the old HUD homes.”

The city does not know why water is low in the storage tanks. They anticipate that by Friday the tanks will have refilled and water pressure to the old HUD homes and the lower village will be restored. In the meantime, Walcott recommends that those with water cut back their usage to allow the tanks to refill.

Households without water can collect water from the pump house. Walcott also says that they will not be charged for days their water is shut off. If they contact the city office, they will receive a credit to their account for their days without water.

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