Hippenhammer, 47, Convicted of DV Assault

Oct 10, 2013

A jury of six handed down the verdict Wednesday in Dillingham.

DILLINGHAM:   David Hippenhammer, 47, of Aleknagik, was found guilty of fourth degree assault in a case involving domestic violence. A jury of six handed down the verdict Wednesday following a trial in Dillingham.

Hippenhammer was arrested on July 26, after his live-in girlfriend reported she had been assaulted the night before at their residence in Aleknagik.

Photos taken by the investigating VPSO showed several wounds to the victim's head and face.

However, at the trial the victim recanted her earlier story, and told the jury that Hippenhammer did not cause the injuries, or at least that she did not remember events clearly. She admitted to being intoxicated on the night in question, and said that her injuries could have been the result of falling in the woods.

The state's prosecutor told the jury that the victim was changing her story now out of fear of retaliation from Hippenhammer.

The jury deliberated for about two hours Wednesday before issuing a guilty verdict.

Hippenhammer was sentenced Thursday. The prosecutor asked for 180 days of jail time, with 90 suspended and 90 to serve. The judge scaled that back, and sentenced Hippenhammer to 90 days, with 60 suspended and 30 to serve.

However, Hippenhammer never posted bail after his arrest in July, and was released from custody for time already served.

He will remain on probation for the next two years, and was ordered to attend a batterer's intervention program.