Gust Johnson Sr., 34, Caught With $50,000 of Pot In Backpack

Aug 6, 2013

Johnson was busted with two pounds of marijuana Saturday in Anchorage, then arrested for assaulting a family member in Koliganek Monday.

DILLINGHAM:  Gust Johnson Sr., 34, of Koliganek was arrested Monday and taken to jail in Dillingham.

Johnson's troubles with authorities began Saturday, after an anonymous tip led drug agents to the PenAir terminal in Anchorage. Johnson was preparing to board a plane, allegedly with two pounds of marijuana in his backpack.

WAANT investigators seized the backpack while a warrant was obtained to search its contents. Johnson allowed to board the plane and return home.

The two pounds of marijuana discovered in the backpack is worth about $50,000 on the street, according to a WAANT investigator. A 4th degree Misconduct Involving Controlled Substances charge, a class C felony, is pending with the district attorney's office.

That was on Saturday.

Then early Monday morning, the Koliganek VPSO responded to a domestic violence assault. Johnson was arrested for allegedly assaulting a family member, ransacking the interior of the home, and disabling the VHF radio so the victim couldn’t call for help. The VPSO reported Johnson to be intoxicated at the time the events occurred.

On Tuesday, the district attorney's office dismissed the assault charge on grounds that there was no probable cause.