Former DPD Officer Loses Certification For Marijuana Use

May 31, 2013

Travis Schiaffo surrendered his license after admitting to smoking pot on a Caribbean vacation in 2011.

DILLINGHAM:  Former Dillingham police officer Travis Schiaffo surrendered his license to serve in law enforcement in Alaska based on an accusation that he smoked marijuana while on vacation in the Dominican Republic in January of 2011. Schiaffo was employed with the Dillingham Police Department at that time. 

Under state law, the Alaska Police Standards Council must revoke an officer’s license if it’s determined that he or she used marijuana after being hired as a police officer.

According to documents from the Office of Administrative Hearings obtained by KDLG News, Schiaffo disclosed the pot smoking on an application he submitted to the Unalaska Department of Public Safety in April 2012. 

He also admitted the incident to the APSC during a phone interview in July 2012.

Schiaffo resigned from the Dillingham Police Department in October 2012. He moved with his family to Unalaska but was not hired as an officer with the Unalaska Department.

Rather than fight the accusation before the APSC, Schiaffo chose to withdraw his request for a hearing and surrendered his license on May 10, 2013.

Schiaffo initially earned his police officer certification from the APSC in January 2007. He has chosen not to comment on the matter.