Escapement Counts in the Nushagak District

Jun 18, 2013

ADF&G Assistant Area Management Biologist Matt Jones helps set up the Wood River counting towers.
Credit KDLG

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game reports that another 421 king salmon were counted as escapement on Monday to the Nushagak River. That pushes the season total up to 8,355. The escapement goal for kings is 95-thousand fish.

Fish and Game notes that another 2-thousand sockeye were counted Monday to push the season total escapement to the Nushagak River to 8.3-thousand. The lower end of the escapement goal is 370-thousand sockeye. The chum count from Monday was 268-fish to push the season total up to 11.6-thousand.

ADF&G confirms that the escapement counting towers on the Wood River became operational at midnight and the count through 6-am this (Tuesday) morning was just 102 fish.