DWI Arrest, Dillingham Man Nearly 3x the Legal Limit

Sep 9, 2013

Peter W. Franklin, 59, was arrested after police saw his white Chevrolet swerving on Lake Road Saturday night. Police say his blood alcohol level was .213.

DILLINGHAM:   Peter William Franklin, 59, was arrested for drinking and driving this weekend. Dillingham police stopped Franklin on Aleknagik Lake Road, just north of Lupine, at 12:10am Sunday, after his white Chevrolet was seen swerving all over the road.

Franklin’s blood alcohol level tested at .213, which is approaching three times the legal limit to be behind the wheel. The DWI charge is a class A misdemeanor.

Police also found 1.5 grams of marijuana in Franklin’s jacket pocket. He’s being charged with a class B misdemeanor for the drugs.

According to police, Franklin failed to submit to a chemical test to see if he was using pot while driving; that refusal added a third misdemeanor charge to his arrest.

Franklin was arraigned Sunday, and was released after posting $500 bail.