DLG Man Found Driving "Stolen" Truck, Arrested for DUI

Oct 23, 2013

Michael Kohler, 25, of Dillingham, apologized in court after his arrest Tuesday night. His blood alcohol level, .218, was nearly three times the legal limit to be behind the wheel.

DILLINGHAM:  On Tuesday evening, Dillingham police took a report that a pickup truck had been stolen from a home on Aleknagik Lake Road.

An hour later, an officer spotted the vehicle downtown. Behind the wheel was Michael Kohler, 25, whose driver's license had previously been revoked, and whose blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit to be driving.

As it is, Kohler and the "stolen" vehicle's owner are friends, and the owner opted not to press theft charges.

The police were not so forgiving and booked Kohler for driving under the influence and driving on a revoked license.

In court Wednesday, Kohler refused to have an attorney appointed and told the magistrate he expected to be held accountable for his actions. He said he was willing to face the consequences, but hoped not to lose his full-time job.

Kohler acknowledged a 2007 conviction for DUI on his record, but told the magistrate he had stayed out of trouble since then. If convicted of a second DUI offense, Kohler would face a mandatory minimum of 20 days in jail.

As both assistant district attorneys are out of town this week, there was no one Kohler could negotiate with for a plea deal. The magistrate set Kohler's bail at $1000.