Dillingham Fire Deptartment February report

Mar 5, 2013

The Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad released a report detailing their activity for the month of February.

Credit dillinghamak.us

Volunteer Crews responded to a total of 16 calls through Februrary, and the majority were fielded by ambulance and crash-rescue crews. There was just one actual fire call; the Wahl residence off Kanakanak road burned down on Feb. 16th. The Department says over 30 hours were logged during all of the month's responses.

The ambulance was called to a variety of incidents, including medical transports, the snowmachine that went through the ice on Lake Aleknagik last Thursday, and several late-night fights at local bars. 

It also took six responders an hour of their time to respond to a fire alarm pulled as a prank at the High School during a basketball game.

The Department reports 35 current members on its roster. Most members, including the Chief and Assistant Chief, are unpaid volunteers who respond as they're able to when the call goes out.

But the City of Dillingham does now have two paid positions at the Fire Department.  David Bivens is the Fire Coordinator, and is also and EMT III.  Stephanie McCumber is the Assistant Fire Coordinator.  Both keep regular hours at the Department, roughly 8am-5pm Monday through Friday. This, according to Assistant Fire Chief Malcolm Wright, leaves Bivens and McCumber ready to respond with an ambulance much more quickly during hours of the day when many of volunteers are at work.