Dillingham ADF&G missing half of last year's caribou hunt reports

Jun 3, 2015

Fish and Game asking to get registration permits back from fall and winter caribou hunts before hunters lose eligibility for this year.

Credit Dept. Fish & Game

KDLG: The Department of Fish and Game’s Dillingham office hopes to get more of the caribou registration permits returned. Right now they are missing quite a few from the fall and winter hunts, says Area Wildlife Biologist Neil Barten:

"Yeah, we issued just over 2000 permits, and only 1000 permits have been reported on so far. So we're only sitting at 50 percent. A number of people have two permits, so they have to report on both," said Barten.

The permits are due 15 days after the end of the season, which was March 15. Now into the busy summer months, Barten is concerned that turning in last year’s permits will become even less a priority for area hunters.

"And if they don't report, they can end up getting cited, and also they wouldn't be able to hunt under a permit for a moose or a caribou next fall. We don't want to see that happening. We don't want to see hunters sitting on their butts because they didn't turn in reports for caribou."

The hunt reports can be returned online at the Fish and Game site, in person at the Fish and Game office, or by mail. You can call the office to get more details or find out if you have a permit out that hasn’t been reported. (907-842-2334)