DCSD Seeks Multicultural Teacher

Jun 18, 2015

Superintendent Frazier says candidates with Yup'ik cultural knowledge may qualify for a Type M certificate 

Credit Luke Brummer

The Dillingham City School District is looking to fill the vacancy left by long-time multicultural and bilingual teacher Ina Bouker. And for a prospective hire, having local cultural knowledge may be more important than having a degree. Superintendent Danny Frazier explains applicants may qualify for a certification called Type M. 

"A Type M certificate is a certificate where someone has specific knowledge of the area, like a carpenter, a welder, or a mechanic, but also, for our needs, culturally aware."

Ideally, Frazier says, the multi-cultural teaching position would be filled by someone with local knowledge of Yup’ik culture. 

“Well, we are looking for someone who has knowledge of the traditional storytelling, traditional dance, food, subsistence lifestyle. Also at least basic knowledge of Yup’ik language.”

Frazier says a candidate does NOT have to have a Type M certificate already in hand in order to apply.

"Yes, that’s correct… if they’re interested in the position, I could help them get that Type M certification. It takes the board directing the superintendent to do so, and the superintendent writing some letters."

The district may try to hire two language and culture teachers, one at the elementary level and one at the middle/high school. The application is currently posted on the district’s website

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