Clark bail held at $500,000 in Olsen murder case

Jan 25, 2017

Attorney asked for lower bail, in part citing "weak charges" against his client Clark. State disagrees, saying case is strong. Clark was indicted for the Feb. 2015 murder of Ella Olsen in Dillingham.

KDLG: Brian V. Clark, 36, of Dillingham, charged with the murder of Ella Olsen in February 2015, is still held in custody on $500,000 bail and will need a third party custodian if he’s to be released ahead of trial.  

This after his attorney made a request to lower that amount Tuesday. Public Defense attorney Chris Lesch told Judge Daniel Schally while the charges are serious, the case is weak.

“Our position is they are particularly weak charges that are based on very suspect circumstantial evidence," he said Tuesday.

Assistant District Attorney Pamela Dale rebutted that argument, saying the state has a strong case against Clark. She also said the defense bail request was not in the public’s interest.

“It would be $15,000 for him to get out of custody, with no third party, and quite frankly your honor that is just enough bail in this case to ensure the public’s safety ... because this individual is charged with murder. And also he has every incentive to flee because of the nature of the charges against him," said Dale.

Judge Schally upheld the original bail terms.

DPD investigated the Olsen murder case for a year and a half, eventually charging Clark after officers arrested a suspected drug trafficker in Dillingham who told police Clark had confessed committing the murder to him. or 907-842-5281