City Council announces three manager candidates, awards harbor float design bid

Aug 4, 2017

The Council's August meeting advanced several ongoing projects.

Credit KDLG

The Dillingham City Council met Thursday night to discuss the city manager hiring process and award the design bid for a new harbor float system, among other things. KDLG’s Allison Mollenkamp sat in and has this report.

This month the city council continued their work on a series of ongoing projects. They’re nearing the end of one: hiring a new city manager. In a press release the City announced the three finalists: Tod Larson of Seldovia, Mark Lynch of Whittier, and Brad Ryan of Haines.

Each will likely come to town for a visit and interview by the last weekend in August, said mayor Alice Ruby.

“It would be kind of a two day event where the first day the candidates get a tour of town, they go through an interview with department heads, then a reception in the evening where the public comes in and meets the candidates," she said at Thursday's meeting.

The council members may be afforded time for individual interviews, and the public's input will be passed to the council before a hiring decision is made.

Another ongoing issue that is now a step closer to completion is improving the Dillingham harbor float system. The council voted to award the design bid to PND Engineers. Interim city manager Don Moore believes it has a good chance of finding funding down the road.

“Your lobbyist is particularly interested in this, and] Senator Murkowski is particularly interested in this one. If we get the design there will likely be federal infrastructure funds to fund it. Anyway, she thinks it stands a pretty good chance," he said at Thurday's meeting.

The new system design will include pilings driven into the bedrock, but will still move up and down with the tide.

The city is also getting some help with fixing up the gun range at the landfill. There are safety concerns about the size and functionality of the berms along the range boundaries. To fully protect the incinerator building at the dump the berm needs to be raised by seven-and-a-half feet, said Ward Jones of the Dillingham Sportsman's Club, which has been raising funds to make improvements.

“The Dillingham Sportsman’s Club is kinda getting rejuvenated and I’m the chairman of their range development committee. We’re trying to get it safer, nicer, better hours, and help clean up, be better for your citizens.”

He thanked city employees for their cooperation.

During the comment period, Misty Savo announced she intends to end her time on the council.

“Elections are coming up. People should start thinking about running for council. I’m not planning on running so this seat will be vacant. So, something to think about for our community members that want to be more involved. It’s a wonderful experience.”

The filing period for the October 3 election opens August 8 and ends September 5.

In addition to Savo’s seat C, seat D is also up for reelection. It is currently held by Curt Armstrong. There are also three school board seats up for reelection this year. Candidates must be registered voters and have been a resident of Dillingham for one year immediately prior to the election. The declaration of candidacy form can be filled out at city hall.

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