Check forging case dismissed after restitution paid

Oct 31, 2016

All 17 charges against Brianna Brandon, 26, dropped after elderly victim says more than $3000 paid back.

KDLG:  The state has dropped its case against a Dillingham woman accused of forging her grandmother's checks. In May, police charged Brianna Brandon, 26, with stealing more than $3,500 after forging 16 checks over a two month period.

In October, the state dropped all of those charges after restitution had been paid and it became clear Brandon may not have been responsible for the theft.

"When I first contacted the victim she told me that she was confident that Ms. Brandon’s boyfriend was the real culprit," said ADA Pamela Dale. "As it turned out that was the case. Ms. Brandon did forge and cash the first check but the other 15 checks she had little or nothing to do with."

Dale said in the "interest of justice," she state gave Brandon the opportunity to pay the stolen money back and then have the charges dismissed.

"The victim received a cashier's check for the full restitution, which was approximately $3400," said Dale.

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