Charles Akelkok 24 Months Jail Time for Probation Violations

Oct 4, 2013

DILLINGHAM:  Last week, a jury of twelve in Dillingham acquitted 39-year old Charles Akelkok of Ekwok on assault charges in a domestic violence case. The charges date to an incident on January 16th this year, in New Stuyahok. The state's prosecutor was unable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the crime had occurred, and the case was closed.

However, Akelkok will still spend 24 months in prison for violating the conditions of his parole on the night in question.

Judge Daniel Schally presided telephonically over the sentencing Friday at the Dillingham courthouse. Though the jury had acquitted Akelkok of the criminal charges, Judge Schally had previously held that, on the civil burden of proof standards, Akelkok's actions on January 16th had violated the conditions of his probation.

Akelkok's current probation stems from a 2010 felony assault conviction, in a case the state had initially charged as attempted murder. A total of 27 months of jail time was previously suspended; Judge Schally ordered Akelkok back to jail for 24 of those months.

He's to remand himself to custody Friday at 4p.m.