Bristol Bay Fisheries Report June 22 2016

Jun 22, 2016

Nushagak catches and boat counts at the top, and Naknek-Kvichak manager Travis Ellison explains that he's waiting for more fish in his district. Plus, a drifter tells us about efforts to organize in hopes of improving prices.

Credit Cate Gomez/KDLG

Tuesday's catch was 137,100 sockeye, and the largest push came in the Nushagak: 78,000 fish caught there. Escapement was 53,840, still mostly in Nushagak. Total run through Tuesday: 730,753 sockeye.

Tonight, we hear plans to wait for more fish in the Naknek-Kvichak before the district opens back up after the regular schedule ends, and David Kopra tells us about Bristol Bay Fishermen's Association's efforts to organize for better prices.

Icicle employees welcome newcomers to Dillingham at the airport.
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Credit Cate Gomez/KDLG