Bristol Bay Fisheries Report June 16, 2016

Jun 16, 2016

Westside area management biologist Tim Sands tells us about the plans for the Nushagak District, and Dr. Scott Raborn explains what the Port Moller numbers mean.

Lots of boat prep underway in the Dillingham harbor this month while folks wait to fish the Nush.
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Tonight we continue our series looking at each of the districts with a discussion of Nushagak fishing plans.

The 2016 forecast for sockeye salmon in the Nushagak District is 10.4 million fish; 2.2 million for escapement and 7.8 million potentially available for harvest in the Nushagak District commercial salmon fishery. The total run by river system is:

  • Wood River 7.5 million (escapement goal range 700,000 to 1.8 million)
  • Igushik River 1.1 million (escapement goal range 150,000 to 400,000)
  • Nushagak River 1.7 million (escapement goal range of 370,000 to 900,000).
  • Approximately 50% of the forecasted run is expected to be age-1.2 sockeye salmon, < 2% age-2.2, 46% age-1.3, and < 1% age-2.3 fish.

The Port Moller Test Fishery data came in a little late for our broadcast: "Tonight’s PMTF update shows catches picking up at Stations 6-8 and an increase in the Daily Catch Index to what we might expect for this point in the season.  We will send our first interpretation of the 2016 Port Moller data tomorrow following the catch update," wrote Dr. Scott Raborn. 

Station catch in two mesh sizes: (4.5” / 5.125”)

Stn 2 (0/1); Stn 4 (0/1); Stn 6 (9/5); Stn 8 (18/3); Stn 10 (3/7); Stn 12 (0/0); Totals (30/17).

Cumulative Catch Index: 64. 

Mean Daily Catch Index: 20. 

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Nushagak Point was quiet earlier this month, but things should pick up when the district opens in the next week or so.
Credit KDLG News