Bristol Bay Fisheries Report July 7, 2016

Jul 7, 2016

Port Moller keeps on catching, and so does the fleet. Area Manager Paul Salomone talks about the hazards in Ugashik, and Gail Smith joins from Juneau about electronic fish tickets.

A boat returns to Kanakanak Beach at sunrise on July 7, 2016.
Credit Molly Dischner/KDLG News

Your historic total: 2,000,482,000 salmon caught commercially in Bristol Bay since the fishery got started. Bristol Bay’s run through Wednesday 14 million fish, including a harvest Wednesday of nearly 1.5 million, bringing the season total to 10 million. Escapement for all rivers counting – 387,000 Wednesday, season total 3.6 million.  

Tonight, Ugashik and Egegik Area Manager Paul Salomone joins to talk about walrus, a downed vessel and fishing in his districts, we hear about a July 7 holiday and Fish and Game's Gail Smith talks about the department's effort to have salmon tenders use electronic fish tickets.

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