Bristol Bay Fisheries Report July 16, 2016

Jul 16, 2016

July 15: Going down in the books as Bristol Bay's biggest day of 2016 --- so far? Today we try to get a grasp on what's coming in the run and in the processing world.

Even fishermen have to pause for a photo break sometimes.
Credit Courtesy of Sammy Steen

Friday, July 15 will go down as the best day of 2016 - so far. The catch was 2.4 million, That puts the total catch this summer at 27.5 million. Another 410,000 counted as escapement, for a total of a little more than 9 million. The total run to Bristol Bay: just about 37 million fish. 

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Ugashik had it's best catch of the season on Friday, 482,000 - but Area Manager Paul Salomone joins to explain why that number might be a little higher than the real catch. And, he talks about what the run is doing in both Ugashik and Egegik, and a tender updates on the Naknek-Kvichak District. Plus, we talk about Iceland's fisheries and the future of processing with one of the folks working to make fillet lines more efficient, and take a trip the Wood River counting tower.

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Set-netters show off their Lower Combine catch in July 2016.
Credit Courtesy of Sammy Steen