Bristol Bay Fisheries Report, July 11, 2016

Jul 11, 2016

Travis Ellison with an update on Naknek-Kvichak, Robin Samuelsen on problematic court appearances (and the season so far), and a greenhorn visits again sooner than we thought she might. 

Fish politics. Sockeye salmon caught Friday in Bristol Bay are hand delivered over the weekend to Gov. Bill Walker to celebrate the fishery's two billionth salmon milestone.

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Yesterday's catch in the Bay was 2.2 million sockeye, the biggest yet. Naknek-Kvichak fleet hauled in over a million of those. Egegik catch was 454,000, Nushagak was 445,000, Ugashik catch was 319,000. The Port Moller catches tapered off a bit Sunday and some more Monday.

Total run to Bristol Bay through Sunday is 24,067,000 sockeye, about halfway if the preseason forecasts are accurate. 

The F/V Pandalus will fish back from stations 12 to 2 on Tuesday to wrap up it's season in Bristol Bay. The genetics from the July 7-8 catch show strongest for Ugashik (34.5%), Alagnak (18.8%), Egegik (17.8%), Naknek (9.4%), Igushik (6.1%), Kvichak (4.7%), Wood (2.7%), Nushagak (.5%), and Togiak (0%).

Tonight, Fish and Game's Travis Ellison on his district, drifter Robin Samuelsen on his court date, and a greenhorn we met earlier this year stops in with an update on the end of her season. 

Drifters steam for the south line in Naknek before an opener.
Credit KDLG