Bristol Bay and Beyond, May 15, 2015

May 15, 2015

Herring fishers in Dillingham, fisher poets in Oregon, salmon ear bones tell a tale, and a powerful voice for the region passes on.

The sunset viewed from Cape Constantine. Photographer Clark Fair, who regularly shares his photos with KDLG, was along for a UAF class spotting migratory birds last weekend.
Credit Clark Fair

Credit Clark Fair

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Bobby Andrew, 73, passed away this week. Andrew was an early and leading voice opposing Pebble Mine. He was buried Saturday in Aleknagik.
Credit Anders Gustafson

Credit Bob Waldrop

This is Bristol Bay and Beyond. Let’s remember an elder who passed away this week:

The F/V Skagerrak preparing to deliver. Photo taken by the "skiffman"
Credit Kai Raymond

Making a port side delivery.
Credit Kai Raymond

The Togiak herring fishery wrapped up Monday. The fishing happens a long way from where we sit here in Dillingham, so we’ve been eager to hear some stories as fishermen have returned. Hannah Colton caught up with the crew of the F/V Skagerrak when they got back Wednesday. Here’s what skipper Paul Friis-Mikkelsen, skiff man Kai Raymond, and John Friis-Mikkelsen had to say:

The other gillnet seine boat that came back to Dilligham was the F/V Lady Mindy, skippered by Robert Heyano, who joins me now.

Dissecting an salmon otolith.
Credit Sean Brennan

For several years, KDLG News has been following a study related to tracking salmon to their natal streams. Sean Brennan is now at the University of Washington's School of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences. By sampling chemicals found in salmon earbones, or otoliths, Breenan believes he can identify where within a river system the salmon was born. Brennan published more findings Friday. As Hannah Colton reports, Brennan and his team hope their work will eventually provide more understanding of salmon runs all over the state.

Finally this week, for the past 18 years fishermen and -women, deckands, cannery workers, and others in the industry have gathered in February in Astoria, Oregon, to share poems, prose, song, and thought. The event is called the Fisher-Poets Gathering. This year, record crowds attended and some 90 took to the stage to perform. The event was started, with many others helping, by Bristol Bay fisherman Jon Broderick, who set nets at Nushagak Point. Jon joined me by phone from Oregon, ahead of his return to Dillingham for the season:

Credit Matt Martin, KDLG

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Inspecting an old vessel found near Cape Constantine.
Credit Clark Fair