Bristol Bay and Beyond, May 13, 2016

May 13, 2016

VPSOs are in short supply in the region, bed bugs aren't, lawmakers keep rolling further into overtime, and the Tanalian HS choir sings us out.  

These halibut fishermen were baiting hooks with herring Wednesday at the boat harbor, preparing to leave on the evening high tide.
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Bristol Bay and Beyond, May 16: Coming up, it’s one village public safety officer’s last day on the job today, and we’ll hear a story or two about what the community thinks of his service and time. “… and he got out of his car, and the man came up and through his arms around his neck and said ‘even when I was in trouble, you were so good to me and I’m so sad you’re quitting.’ I mean Jason’s going to be really missed,” Aleknagik mayor Carolyn Smith said. There’s a growing problem of VPSO vacancies around Western Alaska, like in the Lake and Peninsula Borough where there’s just one officer left. “The communities that had VPSOs and don’t have them anymore, the VPSOs are sorely missed,” says manager Nathan Hill. Bed bugs are a problem in the region. We’ll hear how hospital staff with EPA money are working to combat the problem, as well as how one local woman was able to finally get rid of the pesky bugs. “I felt embarrassed, and I felt like people kind of shunned me when they found out that I had bed bugs,” she says. Plus that Legislature just keeps going and going …. “A lot going on, and whether we get things done by the end of the month, I know everybody’s going to be trying to make that happen,” offered Rep. Bryce Edgmon, who stopped by to give an update. Those stories, plus a look back at some of the week’s news.