Bristol Bay and Beyond, March 20, 2015

Mar 24, 2015

It's N&N Market's last day of business, for now. There are new sockeye escapement goals for Bristol Bay rivers, and there was a hijacking at the airport, sort of.

Maybe we'll use the trails next year.
Credit JoAnne Knight

Chris Strub landed these two burbot through an ice fishing hole on Lake Aleknagik this week (one more got away). He tells us they are indeed as tasty as everyone says they are.
Credit Apayo Moore

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By the Igushik River in Manokotak this week.
Credit JoAnne Knight

Credit KDLG

Dillingham’s N&N Market will close later today, as ownership changes hands between Omni enterprises and two village corporations: Choggiung and Sea Lion of Hooper Bay. Hannah Colton, who reports for KDLG and the Bristol Bay Times, joins us by phone from the store this morning to tell us how things are going.

Stephen Longfin at work at his shop in Dillingham.
Credit KDLG

Another small business here in Dillingham is just taking off. Consider for a moment the value of the photos, text messages, contacts and other things stored on your digital device. You probably don't often think how important those things are until that digital device stops working, or takes a drink. Much of our lives, even in rural Alaska, is lived on three inch screens, and it can be frustrating and expensive when they break.  KDLG’s Matt Martin spoke with one man in the business of fixing them:

The Dillingham City Council met Thursday night, and joining us for a recap as she often does is Mayor Alice Ruby.

Volunteer Fire and EMS joined police and state troopers in a required test of an emergency at the Dillingham Airport this week.

This week law enforcement and emergency responders in Dillingham conducted a required test of their availability to respond to a crisis, in this scenario … a hijacked aircraft. KDLG’s Matt Martin was on hand to observe the exercise.

Tender buying fish, lots of fish, on the Wood River in 2014.
Credit Dewey Hemilright

This week, the sockeye escapement goals for most Bristol Bay Rivers changed. Based on an 18 month study by an Advisory Panel made of fish scientists, economists, fishermen, and processors, the escapement range will widen by raising the top end and keeping the low end the same. The study says this will put year to year variability in escapement, rather than the catch. To talk more about this with us is Tim Sands, the Area Management Biologist for the Nushagak and Togiak Commercial Fishing Districts.

This pair of burbot were pulled out of an ice fishing hole late at night on Lake Aleknagik. Fish the bottom, says Chris Strub, maybe with a piece of smelt tipping a hook.

In other fish news this week, we were glad to see photos of burbot caught out of ice fishing holes on Lake Aleknagik. The odd looking fish is known as one of the tastier Alaska’s freshwater fish, but they’re hard to find.  Some have caught them up the Nushagak River, others say they’re found in the Tikchik Lakes, but those who know of their existence in the Wood River Lakes have kept that secret well-guarded. Through two winters, Christopher Strub, a lifelong resident of the area but new to Aleknagik, has been after these burbot, and finally found them this week. He stresses his success was with the help of those he can’t name and at a spot he can’t disclose. Still, we welcome whatever he is allowed to share.

We have just enough time to end this week's show with a poem. This one was written and read by Dillingham Elementary School student Gisa Reigh last Friday at a well-attended poetry slam. Thanks for sharing Gisa!

Credit JoAnne Knight

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Alex Smith found good deals on these fisherman's essentials as the N&N Market slashed prices to 50% off this week.
Credit KDLG