Bristol Bay and Beyond, Mar. 18, 2016

Mar 18, 2016

Gov. Walker joins to talk about budget and revenues, we go looking for erosion in Dillingham (it's not hard to find), plus a new pilot breaks into the biz, and some poems, out loud. 

Taken from the pilot's seat of Zita Air Taxi's Piper Cherokee Lance, which flies routes around Iliamna Lake and the upper Nushagak communities.
Credit pilot Danielle Troll

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Bristol Bay and Beyond, Mar. 18: On this week's show, as lawmakers in Juneau move the discussion towards what new revenues are needed to cover a nearly $4 billion dollar deficit, we’ll ask the Governor about his fiscal ideas and the political price of pushing for them. "I will take the political hits as a result of fixing Alaska. I will take the political hits for making sure Alaska has a bright economic future for the next 50 or 100 years, because I did not run for this office to keep this office, I ran for this office to do the job," he says. 

We’ll check in with a new air taxi service in the skies around Iliamna. The city of Dillingham is growing concerned about erosion closing the distance between the Wood River and the sewage lagoons. "Yes I'm very concerned about this," says PW Director Francisco Garcia, "because erosion, it's real fast, and I'd like to address this moment now instead of later, so we don't have an 'oops' moment." 

Plus, many young folk in the region have been catching our eye in their various successful endeavors lately, including at the Poetry Out Loud competition this week in Juneau: "For a while the tired waves vainly breaking seem here, no painful inch to gain, far back through creeks and inlet making, come silent, flooding in the main," recited Port Alsworth's Sam Blom. Those stories are coming up after a look back at some of the week’s news.