Bristol Bay and Beyond, Mar. 11, 2016

Mar 11, 2016

The House passed a budget, Bob King drops in for a visit, we put WAISC in a nutshell, and Unalakleet readies for Iditarod action.

March 9, 2016 Upper Twin Lake, Lake Clark National Park. "The weather was just gorgeous - sunny and calm. I was surprised to see that much snow there; anywhere from two to three feet in the woods where the wind does not get any purchase. Dick's place looks great, with fresh wolverine tracks going right through his yard - quite fitting and beautiful!" ~A. Krumm
Credit A. Krumm / Lake Clark NP

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Bristol Bay and Beyond, March 11: Coming up this week, the House passed an operating budget in the wee hours of this morn, and we’ll get reaction. "I don't think anybody's really happy about this budget, I really don't. But then, it's not unexpected, because we've never had to face deficits like this," said Rep. Bryce Edgmon Friday morning. Mushers along the Iditarod Trail will soon be passing through one community in KDLG’s listening area…do you know which one?  We’ll tell you in a bit, and check in there to see what’s happening.  The Western Alaska Interdisciplinary Science Conference is underway, with dozens of interesting presentations across a range of topics. To sum up some of the highlights, KDLG asked the presenters to tell us in a sentence or less what they’re here to talk about. "I'm basically the help the desk for all 229 tribes in Alaska with solid and hazardous waste, so I'm the garbage guru for the state of Alaska," said Ted Jacobson. And we’ll make more room than usual in this 30 minute show to talk with an old friend of KDLG, who is in town as the WAISC keynote speaker. "It's difficult and challenging to get reporters to be able to go out, cover, broadcast, get it out, nothing does that better than radio, and it's just critically important." Our Friday conversation with former KDLG news director Bob King, coming up with the rest of those stories, after a brief look back at some of the week’s news.