Bristol Bay and Beyond, June 10, 2016

Jun 10, 2016

This week, the Ugashik north line is getting moved, Dillingham's annexations woes, drones in the boatyard, epic endeavors on the Peninsula, and village fish processing. 

The PAF boatyard before a recent thunderstorm.
Credit Yvonne Leutwyler
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Bristol Bay and Beyond, June 10: This week, we get the latest from ADF&G's Paul Salomone on the decision to move the Ugashik fishing north boundary back from the Cape Greig walrus. "The reasoning is that the animals are there, and there are lots of federal regulations that require certain distances be kept from endangered or threatened species," he says.  Staff to the Local Boundary Commission kicked out a preliminary report nixing the competing Nushagak annexation petitions and recommending western Bristol Bay became a borough already. Dillingham’s mayor Alice Ruby joins to discuss. “I think we are supportive of both," she says, of a city annexation and/or a borough. "I mean we’d like to see regional government, we’d like to be part of that government, but we need to generate revenue right now, so we’d like to see annexation go forward.” We’ll check in on two villages aiming to process and sell fish, one of these day, plus hear from some Bristol Bay fishermen going airborne to take their fishing stories, and sales, to the east coast. And a Lake and Pen teacher from Port Heiden tells about last year’s summer foot and packraft adventure on the Peninsula, and about her even bigger plans for this summer. “Our motto of the trip was ‘embrace the suck’, so like any adventure you take one day at a time, you troubleshoot one problem at a time. It’s all a challenge, and I guess overcoming those challenges is what makes it exciting," Kasie Luke tells us. Those stories, and a look back at the week's news. 

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Scenes of preseason prep at the PAF boat yard in Dillingham.
Credit KDLG

Kanakanak Beach.
Credit Yvonne Leutwyler

Cairn on top of Mt. Cinnabar in Aleknagik.
Credit Yvonne Leutwyler