Bristol Bay and Beyond, January 16

Jan 16, 2015

This week: Annexation passes, budget woes ahead of legislative session, K300 getting underway, and advice for a healther 2015.

Who needs snow? The view from the top of Snake Mountain on a rather winterless January 11.
Credit Clark Fair

Some guys have all the luck. One of the two Fonkert boys was spotted last weekend on Lake Aleknagik's shoreline, smelt fishing like a pro. His twin brother was either behind the camera or under the ice scooping up those tasty fish by hand.
Credit Jenny Bennis

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On Thursday night the Dillingham City Council voted to send the annexation petition forward to the Local Boundary Commission. We discussed the matter last week on this program with one of the leading opponents. On Friday morning I with spoke with Dillingham Mayor Alice Ruby, who has supported annexation and has been guiding it through city politics all year. I asked for her thoughts on Thursday night’s vote:

Mushers gather at pre-race meetings for the K300 in Bethel.
Credit Dean Swope

Well, the weather is poor here, but to our north a hearty breed of mushers is gearing up for the annual K300 race out of Bethel. The team at KYUK will be reporting from the trail this weekend. Ben Matheson joins us for a quick preview.

Follow along at KYUK's special page for the K300.

Homeward bound. Lonnie Dupre took this photo in the air enroute back to Talkeetna. Dupre became the first person to complete a solo climb of Denali in January.

As the K300 race gets underway this weekend, another adventure came to an end this week. Adventurer Lonnie Dupre became the first person to scale Denali on a solo attempt in the month of January. KTNA’s Phillip Manning has been following along, and joins us. Phillip, I saw Lonnie Dupre on TV last night so I suppose it’s safe to assume he has made it off the mountain in one piece?

Credit KTOO

Next Tuesday, the Legislature gets into session with newly elected lawmakers and a newly elected Governor converging in Juneau to tend to the state's business. Bryce Edgmon is District 37's reelected Representative. He stopped by KDLG this week for a preview of the session.

Credit Clark Fair

No snow keeping you on the couch this month? Yvonne Leutwyler doesn't seem to have that excuse. From a snowshoe trek near Snake Mountain this week.
Credit Clark Fair

Finally on this week’s show, we are pleased to have Doctors Dan O’Connell and Cathy Hyndman with us. Cathy is back with us again, but we welcome Dan for his debut appearance this week. 

Many of our listeners may know one or both of these veterans of the Kanakanak Hospital, and Dr. O'Connell is probably no stranger to Dillingham drivers, who’ve seen him walking five miles to and from work, season to season, year to year.

Today we’ll look for their expert opinion on how we can all be a little healther in 2015. As Doctor Hyndman says, we don’t have to do a complete lifestyle overhaul to make some good progress:

"End of day reflections" January 12. Dillingham.
Credit Clark Fair

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