Bristol Bay and Beyond, January 1, 2016

Jan 4, 2016

Will this be another winter lost? Plus, tips for a healthier 2016, Bristol Bay Borough Mayor Karl Anderson on 2015 and the year ahead, and more. 

This photo was taken Wednesday morning in Pope-Vannoy Landing, just hours after the wind storm that pummeled Iliamna Lake passed through the area.
Credit Michelle Ravenmoon

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Coming up this week, we'll ask the National Weather Service why this new year is suddenly shaping up to be so similarly dismal to last new year: "It's too early to say if this will stick around the remainder of the winter, but these building blocking ridges that has built over the Eastern Pacific, they can last anywhere between weeks or months. And what happened last year is that it did last months," says meteorologist Rebecca Duell.

Bristol Bay Borough Mayor Karl Anderson tells us what was memorable in 2015, and what's to come this year, especially amidst tough financial times:

"Without challenges like this, we wouldn't have perseverance, and that is what has made our state, and not only our state but our country a great place. It's going to be tough, but in the long run it only makes us stronger, and hopefully we'll find new outlets and new ways to get things done."

Katmai National Park and Preserve can drive a huge amount of web traffic: "We only get maybe 30,000 people visit Katmai physically each year, but we get millions and millions of people watching on the web cams, which is quite incredible," says visual specialist Mike Fitz. He'll tell us what their most viewed web posting of the year was, and offer thoughts on the effects of that increased web visitation. 

Plus, Doctor Cathy Hyndman shares advice on setting goals and healthier living in 2016: "Enjoy yourself, take charge of your own life, get outside and walk, eat healthier foods, and feed your soul in some way," she says.   Those stories and more, after a look back at some of the week's news.