Bristol Bay and Beyond, Jan. 29, 2016

Jan 29, 2016

Permit out-migration, Donlin Gold EIS, making nalaxone more available, Broken Walls in Dillingham, and teens playing cards. 

Winter scene at Lake Aleknagik this week.
Credit KDLG

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Bristol Bay and Beyond, Jan. 29: On this week's show, the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Donlin Gold Mine is up for public review. Donlin spokesperson Kurt Parkan offers an overview of the massive project as it inches towards development near the Kuskokwim community of Crooked Creek. "We're going to need a hundred permits before we can operate, and some of those permits deal with fish habitat and mitigation required," he says. A Senate bill being considered in Juneau aims to make a heroin overdose antidote more available. "Last year, 54 Alaskans died of opioid painkiller overdoses, and another 34 Alaskans died from heroin overdoses. So the time is now to pass this life-saving legislation," says Sara Evans, a legislative aide to bill sponsor Johnny Ellis (D-Anchorage). Plus a conversation with Robin Samuelson on the problems and potential solutions of fishing permit out-migration. "You know, what are we going to do when we're down to fifteen percent of the permits, and we're all sitting on the beach watching the outsiders catch our resource right in our front door," said Samuelson. Plus, a growing group of enthusiasts is hooked on the old card game Magic, and the band Broken Walls drops by to share some about their message and their music

Elementary students enjoyed a sneak preview of Broken Walls and the Carry the Cure presentation Friday morning in Dillingham.
Credit Molly Dischner, KDLG

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Boat silhouettes at sunset in late January in Dillingham.
Credit Clark Fair