Bristol Bay and Beyond, Feb. 27 2015

Mar 2, 2015

An update on this year's Beaver Roundup and a look back to years gone by. Rapper Samuel Johns talks about his message to youth, plus fish news.

This week on the Igushik River.
Credit JoAnne Knight

A new parade float this year.
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Another first for Beaver Roundup ... the footlong challenge.
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  We are halfway into Beaver Round Up 2015, with many great events left for today and the weekend. We’re joined now by the event’s organizer Charlene Lopez, who had a rare quiet moment to give us an update. 

Making her debut appearance in a Beaver Roundup parade.
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Now let's take a look back at Beaver Roundup from years ago. We were contacted this week by an elder from Manokotak who told us that Beaver Roundup, in the old days, is one of her first, and one of her fondest memories, and she wanted to share a few of her thoughts about that time:

Samuel Johns shares a challenging, positive message with youth through his music and message.
Credit courtesy Samuel Johns

One of this week’s most interesting visitors is Samuel Johns, an Alaska Native originally from Copper Center. After years of struggling with alcoholism, Johns is now sober, and he’s using the power of music to spread a message to youth about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Samuel Johns performed Thursday for students at the Dillingham Middle and High School, and afterwards sat down with KDLG's Matt Martin to talk more about his music, and his message.

In Manokotak.
Credit JoAnne Knight

The fishing season is drawing near, especially with a herring season right around the corner. Though it’s still the off season, we enjoy talking with our friend Gabe Dunham, who is the Marine Advisory Program Agent for Bristol Bay, about some of the week’s new.

You know that old saying about having a "face for radio" ... So why doesn't Jon Clouse work for KDLG?
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"Just hold on loosely, but don't let go. If you cling too tightly, you're gonna lose control."
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Better conditions upriver. Pike and even a few grayling were caught near Koliganek Saturday.