Bristol Bay and Beyond, Dec 19

Dec 26, 2014

President Obama protects Bristol Bay, the importance of prenatal care, and keeping Jewish tradition in Dillingham.

A well-earned view from atop Snake Mountain, north of Dillingham.
Credit Clark Fair

Coming up in the next half hour, a conversation with Robin Samuelson about President Obama’s executive action this week protecting Bristol Bay from offshore oil and gas development. We’ll visit one Dillingham man keeping Hanukkah tradition, and Doctor Cathy Hyndman discusses the importance of prenatal care. That and more, after a brief look back at some of the news of the week:

Andrew Berkoski with Mina Dancer after she enjoyed her first ever Subway sandwich, on opening day Monday.
Credit KDLG

Perhaps the biggest news of the week came when President Obama signed an executive order barring oil and gas leasing or development in federal waters off shore of Bristol Bay.

Eric Salinger preparing latkes in his cabin off Squaw Creek Road last Wednesday.
Credit Dave Bendinger

'Tis the season, for many faiths and religions. This week millions will celebrate Christmas, and Christmas on the Orthodox calendar follows in a few weeks. Last week Jews around the world began the eight day celebration of Hanukkah. Eric Salinger invited me to his Dillingham home Wednesday to see more about the week's traditions.

A few weeks ago, Doctor Cathy Hyndman from the Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation’s Kanakanak Hospital interviewed with KDLG News about a sensitive topic: she said the hospital was concerned that babies were being born addicted to opiates like heroin.

The hospital is now testing all pregnant women for opiate use, not to get them into any trouble, but rather to help the mother know more about the signs of withdraw her child may experience after birth. But Doctor Hyndman said she would like to come back to talk about the importance of prenatal care in general, and we eagerly invited her back for that conversation.  Doctor, thanks for coming back:

And we’ll end this week’s Bristol Bay and Beyond with a radio essay submitted to us from our friend Apayo Moore. Apayo is probably a stranger to none of our listeners, as she has become one of the most recognized artists in Bristol Bay. This winter, she, her husband Chris, and their two young children are spending the winter as caretakers at the Mission Lodge in Aleknagik. Here Apayo shares thoughts on how being a mother is shaping the way she looks at the world, hopefully more through a child’s eyes: