Bristol Bay and Beyond, Christmas 2015

Dec 28, 2015

This week, a look back at the Manokotak Christmas miracle, ten years later, holiday travel woes, Title 47 "sleep off" in Dillingham, and who is this Trans-Siberian Orchestra we play so much of?

Two days of freezing fog grounded planes, but also made for a spectacular landscape on the shortest days of the year. It didn't last long.
Credit Stephen Longfin

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Sunrise near Manokotak this week.
Credit JoAnne Knight

Merry Christmas! Coming up on this week's show, we catch up with one of our neighbors who has been sharing a gospel message of grace and mercy after a near death experience he woke up from ten years ago today. "This bright person appeared on my right side. He said to me in my Yup'ik language that he's the way, the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the Father except through him," said Abraham George of Manokotak. 

Dillingham doesn’t have a homeless shelter or a detox facility, and the responsibility of caring for the homeless and inebriates amongst us usually falls to the police department. "Our standards in the winter time as to what qualifies as Title 47 sort of lowers with the temperature. Somebody who we may not pick up in the summertime, we'll pick them up when it's colder, just to make sure they're safe."  DPD Chief Dan Pasquariello joins to discuss how the Department handles Title 47 protective custody.

We check in on that reindeer herd, the one in Port Heiden, not the one back in the North Pole. Plus Tim Troll revives the Our Story series to re-share one of his favorite tales, which also involves reindeer.

Plus our resident "metal head" Andrew Slagel tells us a little bit about Trans-Siberian Orchestra regular listeners have been hearing much from this holiday season. "Basically, they're a super group of musicians, very eclectic from thrash metal bands from California, Broadway musicians, ex-guitarists from Megadeath ..."  Those stories are coming up on the Christmas edition of KDLG's Bristol Bay and Beyond.

The chore of feeding the reindeer inside the pen at Port Heiden apparently falls to just about everybody.
Credit Native Village of Port Heiden