Bristol Bay and Beyond, August 28, 2015

Aug 28, 2015

What you're thinking about Obama's visit, plus Chignik Lagoon goes hydro, Igiugig's relearning an old tongue, and Perryville makes a little national news.

Michelle Ravenmoon of Pope-Vannoy Landing took this photo this week at the falls, a "quarter mile back" from her home.
Credit Michelle Ravenmoon

Just your everyday air traffic in Dillingham. One of many, many military aircraft to grace the skies above western Bristol Bay this week, ahead of President Obama's visit to the region next Wednesday.
Credit KDLG

Coming up this week, we hit the streets to find out what you think of President Obama's scheduled trip to Dillingham next week. And what's the message leaders how to impart while he's here? We'll hear two opposing views of what Mr. Obama should take away from his three-hour visit.  Those conversations, plus an update from Chignik Lagoon, which is cutting the ribbon their fully-functioning hydroelectric power project, and Igiugig is getting in the business of saving the Yup'ik tongue.

A perfect spot to dip in Perryville, Alaska.
Credit LPSD