Bristol Bay and Beyond, April 29, 2016

Apr 29, 2016

Politics in Juneau and Republicans in Fairbanks, herring still strong in Togiak, a conversation with Lake and Pen's Nathan Hill, local poets slam, and what are you up to this shoulder season?

Open water beckons. From the north shore of Lake Aleknagik Thursday.
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Bristol Bay and Beyond, April 29: This week, we'll see what some of you are up to this whacky spring. "I'm getting ready to put in my potatoes, because they take a few weeks to come out of the ground, and I'm thinking with this early spring here I might get away with it," said Dan at Moody's Marina. 

A quick whisk around the state to check in on politics of the day: Alaska Republicans are in Fairbanks for the state convention, and state lawmakers are still in Juneau … thinking about maybe … wrapping this one up? "Because this oil and gas tax credit bill is so important, everything is revolving aroud that and whether a compromise can be worked out," says APRN's Andrew Kitchenman. He and APRN's Liz Ruskin offer some scoop.

Lake and Peninsula Borough manager Nathan Hill joins us for our Friday conversation. "We're tightening our belt, being proactive about our spending, and thinking about planning into the future and how to make that sustainable."

And some talented young poets drop by to share their work ahead of tonight’s poetry slam in Dillingham. Those stories and more, plus a look back at some of this week’s news.

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We found high schoolers learning outboard motor maintenance this week. After a few tweaks and tightens, she fired right up.
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