BBEDC Seattle Internships

May 4, 2015

The Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation is offering five internships in Seattle.

The internships are with Westward Seafoods, US Seafoods, and Ocean Beauty and are in recruiting, accounting, human resources, administrative, and maintenance.

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Credit BBEDC

Charlene Lopez, the Education, Employment, and Training Coordinator at BBEDC, says these internships are great opportunities for people in Bristol Bay.

"It gives you the opportunity to leave your community, go out and get your hands on training and experience in an urban setting and then come back to your community and use the knowledge that you learned down in Seattle in our communities here communities here,” said Lopez.

Lopez added that BBEDC has had a lot of success finding work for past interns.

“We've either had some of our interns reside in Seattle after their internships, the companies have offered them full time positions, or they have come up Naknek or Dillingham with the company and worked every summer, or they've given a full time position  in our region,” said Lopez.

The internships are open to all BBEDC CDQ residents, 18 or older and have a high school diploma. Applications are available at the BBEDC website and are due by 5pm Friday, May 8th.