BBBPD: Oregon man drove with BAC four times over the limit

Aug 8, 2016

Christopher Beck, 38, accused of driving near Naknek with a BAC of .320. Police say his Oregon license had been revoked from prior DUI's.

KDLG: A 38-year-old Washington man was charged with a DUI recently near Naknek after blowing a .320 at the Borough jail.

Christopher Beck was arrested the evening of July 27 after failing field sobriety tests, and the breath sample an hour later indicated he was four times over the legal limit to be behind the wheel.

Police officer John Rhyshek pulled Beck over near Mile 4 of the Alaska Peninsula Highway after receiving reports of an erratically driven vehicle that had nearly crashed into two other cars. Rhyshek said he observed impaired driving before making the traffic stop.

According to the BBBPD, Beck’s Oregon driver’s license had been revoked from two prior DUI’s, one in 2006 and another in 2011. This third DUI is being charged as a felony.

Police listed Beck's address as Longview, Washingston. He was released on $1000 bail after arraignment.