Andrew, Nelson Charged in Last Week's Burglaries

Oct 11, 2013

Police say the two young men helped cash in coins stolen from Teddy's Convenience Store and Stelling's Automotive last Thursday.

DILLINGHAM:  Police have named two additional individuals alleged to have been involved in the small spree of burglaries last week in Dillingham. 

Peter Andrew, 24, has been charged with theft in the third degree, and Weylin Nelson, 19, has been charged with theft in the fourth degree. Police say they helped cash in coins that had been stolen from Teddy’s Convenience Store and Stelling’s Automotive last Thursday.

Both charges are misdemeanors.

Brendon Ramey, 22, was arrested and is facing seven charges for those burglaries.

Police allege that following the burglaries Thursday morning, Ramey gave some of the stolen coins to Peter Andrew and Weylin Nelson.

Andrew took $80 worth of coins to the AC store and cashed them in.

Later in the day, as police were looking for the missing coins and suspects in the burglaries, Nelson was at the Wells Fargo bank with a little over $40 in coins, waiting to cash them in.

The state requested that Andrew and Nelson be summonsed to appear on the charges.