$1.50 a Pound for Sockeye from Bristol Bay

Jul 14, 2013

A drifter in the Naknek River during a closed period.
Credit Mike Mason

As large portions of the fleet pull their boats and book flights out of the Bay, the processors have started posting prices. $1.50 a pound appears to be the price. KDLG News has learned that Leader Creek, AGS, Icicle, and Peter Pan have all posted $1.50 as their base price. We’ve learned that Leader Creek is offering a bonus of 15-cents a pound for what they call “Best Fish”, which at its heart is fish chilled at the point of harvest. Leader Creek is also apparently offering another 5-cents for bleeding. Over in Togiak… Togiak Seafood’s confirms they are paying $1.20 a pound for delivered sockeye that are iced and bled. Togiak Seafood’s is also buying King’s. $3.00 a pound for King’s over 11-pounds… and $1.50 for kings less that 11-pounds. Togiak Seafood’s is also paying 40-cents for chums. If you have information about the price and bonuses your processor is paying please send an email to mike@kdlg.org. You can also call KDLG at 842-5281.