Liam Wright

Operations/News Intern

With a special guest appearance by Headstart's Green Room Class!

Today is Valentine's Day. It's a time to celebrate your family, friends, romantic partners or any combination of the loves in your life. It's also a time to reflect on what love means to you. Logan Ito from Dillingham High School's broadcasting class and KDLG's Liam Wright took that exact question to Dillingham's elementary schoolers. Here's what Ms. Sanger's second grade class had to say.

Dan Dunaway

At the round robin basketball tournament in Homer this weekend, Dillingham competed against teams from Homer, Kotzebue and Sitka.

The state is seeking input from Bristol Bay residents on Alaska's response plan to the opioid epidemic.

Dillingham police found 24 grams of black tar heroin and 7 grams of methamphetamine on New Year’s Day. DPD arrested an Anchorage woman who admitted to flying to Dillingham to sell drugs.


The Berkoskis, both educators, say they have other careers to focus on, but are still looking to sell the going concern to someone who will run it year-round.


The 2016 Dodge 3500 Diesel with automated lift and CPR capabilities has been in service for a few weeks. A $55,000 state grant helped cover the roughly $250,000 cost for the city's new ambulance.