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The summer construction season is right around the corner. In the Dillingham area, work is planned on Lake Road, at the airport and the Wood River Bridge. 

Brianna Nelson

The Nushagak River is at its lowest level in recent memory say residents of Ekwok, Koliganek, and New Stuyahok. Low water could make barge travel impossible and lead to problems with spring fuel delivery.

Meghan Slagle

Dillingham High School Physical Education teacher Meghan Slagle says she decided last year to take all her students on an annual hike up Snake Lake Mountain. The group went this year and Slagle described the day as perfect.


Five students from Aleknagik and Twin Hills completed their Hunter Education practicum at the Dillingham shooting range last week. It marked the completion of their Hunter Education course.


A new fee structure will be in place at the Dillingham landfill from July 1. The city hopes the new fees will be simpler and encourage more efficient garbage sorting. 

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Dillingham's community clean up takes place this weekend. Yellow trash bags are available around town and a special sharps container will be at the Dillingham Police Station for medical waste. 

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Jerry DeCaire has illustrated comic book icons ranging from the X-Men to Deadpool. He is in Bristol Bay helping students draw superheroes as part of the Southwest Region School District exploration week. 

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In what is a unique solution for one of Alaska’s most unique school districts, the Lake and Peninsula School District (LPSD) will change to a school year based around subsistence activities.

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The workshop's purpose was to gather public input on how the community felt about designating Tier 3 waterways. It was the only public workshop  to be held in regional Alaska. 

Jeanne Schaaf

The 2004 discovery of a small spear-tip dating back 6,000 years helped lead to National Historic Landmark designation at the iconic island near Togiak.

Katmai National Park

It may not be displayed in the Louvre in Paris or the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, but it will hold a special place in people’s memories and may even save a life.


 Burying trash is costly, as is burning it through the new incinerator. Sorting helps, if residents will do so, but the council seems poised to raise rates to help offset the expensive problem of managing trash.


Last week the annual LPSD "AA meet" was held in Newhalen, bringing students in from Perryville to Port Alsworth and many locations in between. The gathering is an important opportunity to learn, make friends, and have fun in a school district that is the size of a small state. 

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Chess strategies and life lessons as youth tackle the game of kings every Wednesday in Dillingham.


An injured bald eagle found in Togiak Sunday was transported to Anchorage for treatment. The bird was improving until Wednesday, when its condition rapidly deteriorated and it was euthanized.